Sunday, August 21, 2016

We're Outta Here....

In a quiet little art gallery...

... in the middle of Norm's Dollhouse...

... the statues are wondering what to do tonight...

... after the museum closes for the night.

*click* - lights go out - the museum is closed

David: Hmm?

Venus: Oh!

Venus: No one around...

Thinker: Ah ha...

Thinker: Ahhhhhhhhhh....

Thinker: Hmm, I think I've read this Gargoyle book before...

Thinker: Oh, hey Venus.

David: Hi guys! So the museum is closing, for good. But I have a plan! I know where we can go!

Thinker & Venus: Yeah?

David: Yeah! We're headed straight to eBay! We'll find great homes that way!

David: If I could just remember which direction eBay is in... hmm.

These three action figures have been fun, but my life just shifted drastically and I'm not so much in the "playing with dolls" mood. So, they are headed to eBay where hopefully they will find someone who IS in a "playing with action figures" kind of mood! Maybe you? Links are here -

David on eBay

Venus on eBay

Thinker on eBay

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Books from the Attic

So, it turns out...

Dollhouse books are harder than I thought they were.

Oh sure, they're all over Etsy, but they all seemed too big and bulky to me.  I could not find a book that really FELT right in my houses.

I nearly gave up until...

I figured it out. There has been lots of cursing and frustration, but I did it. I figured out how to make them so they were the right scale. How to make them so they were still readable, but not so bulky.

I finally figured out how to make the realistic dollhouse books I was looking for.

Just in time too, because I discovered a treasure trove of vintage books (hidden at my local library! Sneaky library, hiding awesome things like that.)

So.... more to come. Soon...

- Wendy

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

And Then There Were Three...

Miranda will not be going up on eBay. Odds are pretty good she's just going in a box for a while and we'll see what happens. I got some very strange emails regarding her sale, and I have neither time nor inclination to deal with such things.

So into a box she goes.

I'm done with dollhouse sized BJDs, but there are still BJDs here.  Just bigger ones, and not many of them...

L - R: Cybelle (Dream of Doll Shall,
Lenore (Souldoll Tiffee), Ahma (Ginger Brook Hollow Grandma Sunday)

There are just these three. None of them are getting a Facebook account. None of them is getting their own blog. They might not even get their pictures taken all that often, but they make me happy, just being around.

Lenore was the start of this entire doll thing. Literally, THE doll that started it all. As it turns out, she was an influence on a LOT of people, and many folks got into BJDs after seeing her on Elisa's blog all those years ago. I had no idea until all this weirdness surrounding Miranda started.

Anyway, through strange circumstances, she somehow rode into my life. And for all the weirdness that she brought with her, I am glad she did.

So yeah... that's the update. No more tiny BJDs, but they won't be going up on eBay. I will probably always make some miniatures. And who knows what else I'll get up to?

Hope your weekend was less weird than mine. Who would've though putting a dolly up on eBay would be so drama inducing?

Onward we go...

- Wendy

Saturday, July 23, 2016

eBay! eBay! eBay!

Lots of cool stuff is going up on eBay this weekend!

Gotz Little Sister "Katie"

1950s, Blue Slag Glass miniatures, marked JAPAN

Perfect Tent for Tiny BJD Camping Trips!

I've gone a different direction with my book construction (BETTER!), so the old books are all up on eBay too.

Lot #3 of Books

Lot #4 of Books

Lot #5 of Books

Also going up on eBay - Miranda herself (that auction will include her blog, her domain name, EVERYTHING Miranda. I'm hoping someone else will take her and blog with her, but honestly, if they put her on a shelf and look at her, that's up to them. Either way, it's time for me to let her go.)

My eBay is here -

Keep checking for miniatures stuff you didn't even know you needed! Lots and lots of stuff needs new homes! :)

Hope your weekend is productive and awesome too. :)

- Wendy

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day at the Museum

At Norm's Dollhouse, my local dollhouse shop, there is a 1:12 scale art gallery called the Silver Crane.

It was an honor to help build it. A customer of Norm's got actual artists to donate works to fill the museum. Most of them had never worked in such a tiny scale, but I think they all had fun and the art is amazing.

It's for sale now (just the building, not the art) so I figured if I was going to play with my action figure statues there, I'd better do it soon. So I went today.

To be honest...

I think they fit right in...

With all the other pieces of art.

But... what will they do now that the Silver Crane is closing its doors for good?

I guess we'll see!

- Wendy